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Team Copioli: Hurry up and wait. And test.

The initial testing process for any FRC robot is a slow and tedious one. No matter how much you try and simplify your design, these robots are inherently complex with a wealth of potential failure points. Every PWM connection, crimp, fuse, and line of code could fail, leading to a debugging process that could run from mere seconds to hours. This is magnified in the initial testing phase, because by definition nothing has been tested. As such, you come to the field with big aspirations, but end up doing hours of tweaking.

That’s the point Team Copioli is at right now. We’ve had some issues with code, hard stops, positioning, and other various items. Still, the times the robot has run consistently, we’ve seen a lot of promise. The drive train is where we want it to be, while the shooter seems to be very close to being ready. We’re going to spend the next few hours trying to iron out these kinks, and hopefully we’ll be draining shots soon. Stay tuned to the stream to watch our progress, and follow us on Twitter at @TeamCopioli for live updates.