The Build Blitz team has developed a judging process which they feel emphasizes their goals for this year’s Build Blitz. The judging will be broken up into 3 components:

  • Teams will be judged by an Expert Panel on their performance in three main areas: Robot, Process, and Documentation.
  • Teams will be judged by the FRC community via Social Media in these same categories.
  • Teams will compete in a 2-minute skills challenge to see how many points their robots can score.

Some of the details of this judging may be adjusted based on the details of the 2014 FRC Game, but this is the rough framework. We’re excited to welcome our expert panel of judges:

Libby Kamen Mike Starke & Justin Montois Raul Olivera Bob Mimlitch III
FRC Alumni and Expert Mentor Hosts, FRCTop25.com VP of Engineering for Innovation First Labs Founder and CTO of Innovation First International

While the teams are hard at work, we’ve asked our judges to take some time to figure out a detailed judging rubric using the above guidelines based on input from the community. Keep an eye on this page during the event for more details!