Saturday, January 3rd – Kickoff Broadcast & Reactions

  • The Build Blitz team members will spend kickoff with their respective FRC teams, and begin brainstorming for the new game.
  • Everyone will be live-tweeting their reactions to the game, and we’ll be publishing a few early blog updates.
  • Build Blitz Leadership will begin to identify specific items we can focus on during the week.

Sunday, January 4th – Initial Planning & Strategy

  • Karthik will begin working on his “Karthik’s Strategic Analysis” document which will include a full breakdown of the game, scoring analysis, and any other statistical magic he can find.  He will live-tweet as he works.
  • Build Blitz Leadership will determine priorities for the week, send out assignments to the Build Blitz team and publish their goals on
    • Drive In a Day 2015?  Drivetrain Examples?  Intake Design Educational Materials?  Arm Design?  Collector Design?  Ball Conveyor Design?  The game will heavily influence work breakdown and priorities.

Monday, January 5th – Strategy & Prototyping

  • The Build Blitz Team will begin working on their assignments (9:00am – 6:00pm Central).  They will live-tweet their efforts, publish “live” engineering notebooks, and update the blog on periodicially.
    • Resources generated will depend on the project in question.
  • Karthik will publish “Karthik’s Strategic Analysis” sometime in the evening (target 5:00pm Central)
  • Karthik will do a LIVE presentation on his strategic analysis at 9:00pm Eastern, with Q&A

Tuesday, January 6th to Thursday, January 8th – Prototyping & Design

  • The Build Blitz Team will continue their prototyping and design work all week!
  • Iteration on Designs, with testing details & process documentation
  • Continual updates via and @BuildBlitz
  • Specific details will depend on the game.

Friday, January 9th – Results

  • More polished “published” items will become available to be posted.
    • Finalized CAD models
    • Application Examples
    • Educational Guides
  • Capstone Video will highlight some of the major lessons learned.