Claw Design Guide

Object manipulation is very important for this year’s game, Recycle Rush.  The Pinch Claw group developed this Claw Design Guide to elaborate on the variety of mechanisms to consider for your robot this year.  Read an excerpt of the 2015 Build Blitz Claw Design Guide:

“Due to the nature of competitive robotics, nearly every game involves some sort of object manipulation. Whether it’s picking up an object and placing it on a goal or gripping onto a field element, claws are an extremely common method of object manipulation that most teams consider at some point during their design process. Claw designs can be as varied as overall robot designs, but most fall under one of three categories: roller claws, pivot/pinch claws, and passive/fixed claws. The purpose of this design guide is to introduce these three primary styles and to help teams evaluate the best manipulator for their needs.”


Download the full VEXpro Build Blitz Claw Design Guide here!