Drivetrains for Recycle Rush

One of the Build Blitz teams devoted their time to the various possibilities of drivetrains for Recycle Rush.  Read an excerpt of the 2015 Build Blitz Drivetrain Design Guide:

There are a lot of factors which need to be considered when designing a drivetrain for the 2015 game. Refreshingly, a few of the “historical” constraints have been removed. In addition several aspects of the game may shift a team’s traditional design requirements. This is cool because it forces designers to discount their pre-conceived notions and it provides a fun thought exercise. We love fun thought exercises!

Lots of people ask “what do you recommend for this year’s game?” The answer is always: the simplest drive that does everything dictated by your strategy. (See Karthik’s Strategic Analysis). In our minds this probably means the following for most teams:

      • Moving sideways is very helpful when trying to align & stack Totes
      • Stick to a “traditional size” base — just because the rules allow for giant robots doesn’t mean it is a good decision
      • If you’re gearing faster than 10 ft/sec free-speed, you’re probably going too fast
      • You should try to find a configuration which crosses the scoring platforms; using 6” diameter wheels is a simple way of accomplishing this
      • Focus on reliability — you need to maximize every match, not just “escape with the win”.

Whatever you choose to do, focus on that last point. Consistency is critical in 2015. Good luck to all teams! Send any comments or questions to for more help.”

Download the full VEXpro Build Blitz Drivetrain Design Guide here.  We can’t wait to see what ideas you come up with!