Mecanum Drivetrain Options

6″ Mecanum VersaChassis

One of the most important aspects of designing a robot this season is how teams construct their drivetrain. This 6″ Mecanum VersaChassis includes many of the recommended features from this year’s Drivetrain Design Guide, like side-to-side (holonomic) motion, a proper angle of approach to traverse the Scoring Platform, and a slower overall speed than in past years. This Mecanum VersaChassis was made to be a base for teams to start building their own robot on. Our recommended gearing calculations are posted below.


6″ Wheel with Belt Drive

The Single Reduction Clamping Gearbox naturally pairs with a Plastic Clamping Bearing Block or VersaBlock to establish a standard drivetrain gear reduction. For those who wish to use a 6″ wheel, VEXpro HTD belts & pulleys can be used to achieve the same result. Download the STEP file for this Application Example here.