Pinch Claw – Final Testing

We have our first functional prototype – the Pinch Claw! This morning the Pinch Claw group was finished building and ready to test their mechanism. First, the claw was tested grabbing a Tote and placing it on another Tote. Every time this was tested, the claw was successful.

Next, the claw was tested to grab a Container and place it onto a Tote. The initial tests were unsuccessful because the Container was too slick for the grabber to lift up. After adding friction material (in this case, black gum rubber) to the sides of the claw, there were no issues lifting and placing a Container on top of a Tote.

The complete Pinch Claw was made out of all VEXpro parts and weighs 4.5 lbs. The only complication the group ran into was having to add friction material (in this case, black gum rubber) to grip the Container. Prototyping is very important for every team – your mechanism doesn’t need to be attached to a fancy robot to see if it works or not. This Pinch Claw is very versatile, and can attach to almost any other mechanism to complete a robot.