Pinch Claw Test #1 – Keeping it Simple!

The Build Blitz team is hard at work on their seven areas of focus to help teams succeed at Recycle Rush.  The first to have a working prototype was the Claw group!

Simplicity and reliability were the overarching mentalities that drove this claw design. The goal for this particular test was to determine a jaw angle that would acquire Totes in an imperfect orientation. Simulating real-world conditions whenever possible can help to avoid a common frustration: seeing a prototype that worked excellently in a perfect lab environment fall short in the field.  This particular prototype succeeded in its goal of acquiring (and stacking) a misaligned Tote!

Wooden Claw Prototype - Surgical Tubing     IMG_0607 Claw Prototype 1 - Engineering Drawing

In its current design (which, to be fair, is three 2×4’s bolted together), the pinching claw can only pick up Totes.  However, with slight modifications, the team is confident that it will be able to pick up Recycling Containers in future versions.