Team JVN: Build Plan Questions

Some Questions about our Build Plans: Team JVN has received a few of questions related to what kind of robot we’re going to build. Obviously we don’t know what the robot is going to look like, since we don’t know what the game is. However we can answer a few of the questions we’ve been asked:

Q: Is your robot going to be “fully legal” for competition?
No, not completely. Our control system won’t be FRC legal, and our robot probably won’t have bumpers. We discussed the reasons why we’re holding this event in the first place. Build Blitz is an educational effort; we’re doing it because we think there are lessons to be learned from our efforts which will benefit FRC students everywhere. We think there are more powerful lessons we can teach teams during our 72-hours. There are lots of resource out there showing how to hook up the FRC control system, we don’t need to show that. Similarly the time spent building bumpers might be better spent on other activities… like sleeping. That said, if there is some mechanism required which would be heavily impacted by the bumpers — you can bet we’ll be throwing some on there pretty quickly.

Q: What control system are you going to use?
Unless the game has some aspect which specifically precludes it, we intend to use a VEX Cortex Microcontroller with the VEXnet Joystick and VEXnet 802.11 Wireless Link as the robot’s control system. If the robot is so complex it requires two drivers, we’ll use the VEX Partner Joystick.

Q: Will you be developing a 2014 “Drive in a Day” during the Build Blitz, similar to the one made in 2013?
We’re not sure. This certainly depends on what the game is. There’s a chance that TeamJVN will be using the 2013 Drive in a Day, as is, or it’s possible that we’ll make some small improvements to better suit the 2014 game… or it’s possible we’ll start over completely and design the 2014 version. No matter what we do, we’re going to make sure it is heavily documented.

If you have any more questions, send a message to @TeamJVN on Twitter!